There Is No Ceiling

Without physical rules, imagination has no boundary. Believing that the future is ours to create, minus7media is pushing the limits of virtual reality content.

Combining the industry's best hardware with the latest software, virtual becomes reality.


Stimulate your senses like never before. Leveraging physically-based rendering along with binaural audio, the interface of reality becomes a blur.


Seeing is believing. Interaction is absolute. Manipulate reality in ways you never thought possible.


Separate from reality. Escape physical boundaries and explore the infinite because there are no limits in virtual reality.

What We Offer

VR Development

Immersive Experience. Safety & Training. Education. Brand Showcase. Product Demonstration. Gaming. Digital Tours.

3D Modeling

Modeling. Retopology. Texturing. Runtime Optimization. Rendering. Animation. Visualization. Sales & Marketing. Advertising.